Can someone make me a new profile picture?


Hai everyone so I really like my profile picture now but in a week or two I think I'll change it to something new...I was just wondering if anyone wanted to make one for meh? ( if not it's totally fine I can just do it myself easy peasy lemon squeezy ) It can be a drawing, a gif, or whatever. If you want to try it out and want to draw me ( idk lol you can also draw like...a banana or something ) you can see what I look like by looking at / drawing ma OC ( but I have light freckles under ma cheeks and a 'beauty mark' aka a mole ( see my request to t7lks for more info ) IDK I'm kind of bored of my profile picture already ( lol I changed it like 3 days ago :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: ) but ya...thanks

Random Tag List cuz I'm bored:


Well it's not the best, but here's a drawing I did

If you look closely, you can see the letters CF!


Here are some


I can see an F, but not a C...


It's kinda hard
but easy if you know what to look for

It's the outside outline of the tail XD

Where the lighter color is


Oh yeah! Now I see it...


I can't draw so don't count on me :joy:


I could draw something along the lines of 'chocolate' and 'a fox' for you! :D

It'll take a while though, I'm currently drawing a couple of other stuff for peeps :0




Thank you :blush: I'll try it out later