Can Someone Link Me To An iPhone Hopscotch Game?




Can someone link me to an iPhone Hopscotch game? I think I found a glitch! :D


iPhone hopscotch game..? :D

Like a game on the phone version?
Or... A game that has a iPhone in it?
Or... Something else?


I think it's the first option. :wink:


I can try... In like 8 hours :stuck_out_tongue:

I'm in school right now so I can't do anything.


I cri.

I don't have the iPhone version.

Looks at topic.

I wish I could help. ;-;



Me too not being able to help is the worst thing as a kid.....
But I am getting an iPhone for my b-day present and just curious why aren't you publishing the happy birthday kitten thingy?


It's okay! Don't worry! It paid off in the HSB topic! :smile: