Can someone help me with this code problem?



Ah, but I'm using a button to make the square jump, so do I apply that to the square?


I'm not really sure...
Hmmm :thinking:


Eh, I'll try it on the button.


Eh, not really make any difference...


Idk what to do on, sorry :confused:


Triangle will be invisible when it equals 0.


Use a check if else Block and variables like people have said before.
If Game Start=1
Do Your Code Here
Do Nothing


@PIANOMAN, use as much code as you need:


Thank you! But I kinda gave up on it...


Never give up. At least I was able to publish something. I did get it to go invisible when you pressed back though.


Well, ok. I'll keep doing it. Thank you for code!


No problem. Thank you! Peoples' code problems have helped me overcome coder's block.


Thank you! I'm working on my potato pod 1.1 and I'm adding geo dash.


Create a value for the screen you are on.