Can someone help me with this code problem?



So, I'm working on a potato pod, which has geometry dash.
Here is a screen shot of what is the problem.

Because it's on "Repeat Forever" when you press the "Back" Button, the triangle still goes on and on. I have to have the repeat forever for the geometry dash to work, does anyone know how to fix this?


@Dylan329 , you know how to fix this?


You can create a value.
When the back button is pressed: set value to 1

Then in the repeat forever have all the code in a check once if value = 0

For the triangle code, also have a new thing saying that
When value = 0: set invisibility to 100.

This might work.

Also when the game is "playing" set the value to 0

I hope this works.


Thx! Ill try it right now.


It'll work. That was exactly what I was going to say.


Lol thank you anyway.


Wait, is the repeat forever block supposed to be in the check once if block?


No the check once if should be inside the repeat forever.
So the other way around


Hmmm I did something wrong...


Possibly do a screenshot ? if it doesn't bother you...


When you actually start to play the geometry dash game, does the value set to 0?


Idk...the first block on that triangle code is
Set value to 0


Hmmmmm maybe change the "check if else" to a "check once if"


I did it, it's good so far, but the triangle just stays in place and doesn't move afterI press back button


But if I press the back button one more time it disappears lol


Is the "change X by (#)" and the "set Position" correct, for what you want?


I'm pretty sure!


Can you possibly show all the "triangle" code?



When square is tapped: set value to 0.
add that to the code, should work now.