Can Someone help me with Scrolling and Pixel Art?


It's all in da title. Don't ask why I don't know I just dont. I seriously have been on HS for almost a year now and I still dunno how to do them... can someone pls give me a basic tutorial??


What do you mean by scrolling? A scrolling game? Doing the positions for pixel art? :smile:


Well, I mean like scrolling with your finger, like the old video tutorial ( don't tell me to watch YT cause I cant) and I don't even have a clue how to even do the pixel art (the basics of pixel art and yes, positions of pixel art cause I can't do pixel art)


Me, intellection, and SMISHY are working on a pixel art tutorial! Until then, SMISHY made a awesome tutorial, I'll try to find a link!



First, get a character and add this code:

Next, add this to the same object:

(Make sure to create the Values)

Create your a text object.

Add this code to your text object:

Notice how the position I set my text object to see the same numbers in the Set Posotion block inside my Reoeat Forever block. You can set the position to anything you want, but make sure the positions are the same on each block!

Sorry this isn't much of an explanation! I can explain how everything works if you want. :)

Here is a small tutorial on pixel art. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask me.


Okay, can someone please help with a simplified pixel art tutorial?? @Intellection yours was gr8, but I would laik screens hots plz



Intellection beat me to it. XD


What kind of pixel art?


The basics! Like, regular squares or dots! Not like, the smooth pixel art... I will go to the topic about that in a minute


I'm not has good at regular pixel art lol sry!

I'll see if I can find any topics or projects that can help!


Check out this video:

(Click the link to see the video)