Can someone help me? There is bug


Your username: goobrgrlrye

What kind of device are you using?: an iPhone.

1 sentence description of the problem (I was doing _________, and then __________ happened): I was reading a reply, and I wanted to reply to it, but this thingy came up that said, "do you want to abandon post?"

Steps to make the problem happen:
1. Go down to the reply button
2. Press it

I expected this to happen: I press reply, then I type in a reply.

But instead this happened: pressed reply, then this thing came up that said, "do you want to abandon your post?

Here’s a sweet screenshot: I don't know how to put a screenshot on iPhone....


I don't think that's a glitch, you probably just had a post draft in progress at the time. :D

If you didn't, however, then it probably is a glitch.


I saw @Montoya make a topic with the same exact template

Put it here so he can see it!

@montoya is part of THT btw

Also sorry that is the hopscotch bug itself!


The Hopscotch Team can't fix this issue, because they don't control the forum (a company named Discourse does). You can report this bug on Discourse Meta, and hopefully their team can find a way to fix it! :smile:

Also, like @Mathgirl said, you probably just had a post draft in progress.


You had a draft for that topic.


The bug template shows up every time you make a topic in the Bugs category. :)


Oh :P
Sorry didn't know


Press the Upload button on the bottom right of your post :slight_smile:
And yeah, what Mathgirl said :slight_smile:


This is probably because you had already written a post somewhere else but never posted it, and so when you went to write a reply, it warned you because you were going to lose what you had written before. You could just abandon the post if you don't care about whatever you wrote.