Can someone help me make something in hopscotch that my dad made in real life's?


So what it is, is this thing called skipr, that my dad has been making, here is the website, 100% safe, my dad made it so...
Anyway I wanted to make that website in hopscotch, so can I have some people help me, and can it most likely be people who have the multitasking feature so they can be on the website and hopscotch at the same time?
It would really help and I want to surprise him!!


I have a computer, but I'm confused by what you mean. Do you mean to make a replica (doesn't work) site in Hopscotch?




Hmm... okay, even then this will be somewhat hard... I'll try.


Sounds cool! Might be a bit busy with other projects tho :confused:


Great, my dad will be so amazed
Right now he's in his office fiddling with his new ableton music set
He's making flipping epic dubstep​:sunglasses:


Sadly, I'm not that guy to do icons with code, so I can't really dedicate my weak areas in coding to this. Sorry ;-;


But, we could use pics :sunglasses:
My dads very very cluttered office

See that black desktop pic, my dad built it with me,
My dad is really amazing

Srry for the terrible pic, my iPad mini first gen camera is very very bad


Oh yeah! Now time to convince my parents to get subscribbles lol
U has a iPad Mini 1st Gen too? OoO


I'm gonna make an account
Tag me if u want to know the username and password


Yeah, it has da terrible A4 prosesor and no coprocessor
Veree bad​:confounded:
Soon Liam shall take apeart mah iPad



Okay, I'll code the site @Gabe_N
(I suggest you remix one of my projects for the user and pass thing)


It an account lemme make it


@Steelhooves ready for username and password?
Like this when u get the username and pasword


im in hopscotch, now on standby


what? I have a different model, has an A5. Still not very fast xD


R u on? @steelhooves


got it, but im uploading my drafts right now. hold on


im in, just cropping images for use on my laptop right now


Wait wait, hold on, can u get the sub for this account, if u can u can just keep the account or we can share it foreva