Can someone help me make a pikachu pixel art plz



I need help to make a pikachu pixel art on hopscotch


Here is a Pikachu pixel art template I found.

If you want to learn how to make pixel art, you should watch the Hopscotch video about it! I hope this helped :smile:!


:heart: that's a great art template you found @Cocoa1106! I'm sure it will be very useful :smiley:


to tell you the truth i have watch the video a dozen times and i still dont get it can someone help me?


It's okay if you don't understand. You have to make abilities: each color dot you need, a set position, and left, down , and right. These let your character set postition to the starting point, go to the row you need to make, then start drawing each dot step by step. For example, If you want to draw a :heart:, you have to find a picture of it on a grid. You draw the heart row by row. Each dot is one square of the grid. Do you get it? I could give you some pics to make it clearer.


i kind of get it now thx:)


Your welcome @SnowGirl_Studios!


Thank you very much sorry I didnt reply to you lately Ive been busy if you want I can return the faver if u want if no reply no and if yes reply yes and what thanks!


I'm glad you like it! I can't wait to see the final result. I was just doing it to help so you don't have to return the favor, but if you want to, sure!


I am not good at pixel art and have only made a cat (a design of my own) but what I would say is that you draw your pixel art with math paper. It's better if you don't copy because you will have to give credit to the designer and I know that many people don't give credit to the designer on the Internet.