Can someone help me find the glitching code in this?



That's too bad. It took me a long time to make the video.

Do anyone know some other way that I can publish the video for her to see?

@t1_hopscotch No, using the in app screen recorder wasn't an option. But thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

Here's a link to a fixed version

  • I changed the code in 'Later on message' object
  • Changed the code in 'Loss code' custom block & renamed it 'List food bought'
  • Changed the code in 'Win code' custom block
  • Deleted these objects
    • Food number
    • Determine
    • Win or lose


Oh okay I see, that is a pity – hmmm I was able to view the video with no account, by directly pasting in the link before. It looks like I am able to download it, so if you like, I could try uploading it privately on Vimeo so @Currency5097193 can view it, but I will have to do that tomorrow as I am going off for now


Ok I'll see if it works any better


You deleted the project :frowning: :frowning:


I just unpublished it, but the link above still works.


Oh I clicked on it but it doesn't work


You have to open it in Hopscotch.


I don't have that option


If you're on a device with hopscotch, tap and hold it. If not, then idk.


I republished it. It's under Hopscotch acct ThinBuffaloSr.


Thank you for fixing the code. You know you have always been very helpful on the forum?