Can Someone Have A Physics Class For Me(to oio)



@oio, can you teach me some of the basics of Physics? I need to refresh my memory for Physics and all.


Yes, I would be glad to do that. Of course, we will need to start with your questions. I find it it is generally easier to learn, myself, when I have well-defined questions. Those are kind of like boxes into which the new information goes. Otherwise, it just spills everywhere... :thinking:

Some things to think about

If your questions reach a sufficient level of complexity, and if using the forum becomes cumbersome, or if others are not ready for or as enthusiastic about the topic as you are, there are alternate channels that we can use, out of consideration for others. For example, the "lounge". My preference, of course, would be to discuss what interests you here, in the general forum.

I happen to have accidentally discovered something that is stunningly beautiful that does involve a little bit of physics, and once I have figured out how to make it easy for others to remix and play with, I hope to publish it. Games and art, alike, benefit from the programmer's or the artist's mastery of mathematics and physics.


What is momentuem, sorry that I spelled it wrong. Is it speed and weight?


Arithmetically, momentum is the product of mass and velocity. Strictly speaking, it is best treated as a vector quantity. That is, it has a magnitude and a direction. The magnitude is the product of mass and "speed", and the direction is the same as that of the velocity.