Can someone give me links for my projects?



Hey guys!

I've been wanting to publish some of my games on my personal website, but since I haven't been using my Coding iPad recently, I wanted to ask people on the forum if they could get me the links to the following projects (Some of the names might be off since I don't exactly remember them all, but you'll get the basic idea):
  • Finger Tapping Craze
  • Pixel Flashlight
  • 1 Sprite Drawpad
  • Car Road Builder
  • Spam Like: The Game

@FRENCH_WAVE123 did you see the remix I made BTW, I don’t think so though cause you probably have too many notifications lol.
Also, I will be releasing a new project ASAP, and it will be a meme-maker, a maker project unlike any other!
Thanks, Hopscotchers!


Anyone there?


I´m not on my iPad right now, unfortunately.


I’d give you links but my brother is hogging the iPad again, so yeah.



That’s okay guys! Thank you though! :smiley:


I can!


Draw Pad (One Sprite!)

Pixel Flashlight

Spam Like The Game

Car Road Builder

Finger Tapping Craze!

Boom. @Thunderguy77


Thanks so much!


Also, can someone get me my version of the game of Spam Like? Thanks @Hopscotcher, but you got me FrenchWave’s original project! That’s okay though, thanks :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Also, good news! I’m going to publish an amazing (hopefully, lol) project soon! Within the next week I hope… thx!


Sorry, but Spam Like is not on your profile.


Its not? Oh sorry
Thanks anyway :+1:


Umm now what?



Dang it, I worked so hard on the Meme-Maker BETA project but even normal featured art got more likes. It took forever to make that project!!!


I know. It’s super bannoying


At least you have more likes than me.


:joy: :joy: :joy: That’s true. At least I got featured :man_shrugging:


Oh well…