Can someone explain to me this forum stuff?


Welcome to the forums! A tag is where you can type @Username and it will tell someone so they can see the post :D

Or you might mean tags that show up when you make a post, those help people find topics on a specific subject :D

I hope you have a great time here :D

A Happy Coder :grinning:


Welcome to the forum! If you need any help, @ me like this: @Dude73 and I'll try my very best to help! :smile:


If you need help or want my attention just type "@KVJ" and I'll do my best!
Basically, I'm too late to share those Awsome tips...



Thank you to everyone!! I'm like, WOW! Though I do have one question still, what is 'the lounge' and also how long does it take to become a regular?


The lounge, I think is a place for only regulars and above.

To be a regular, you need to be on for 50+ days and meet certain conditions


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Welcone the forum!

I see you have ready been welcomed by some of our other members!
The forum is a place where you can ask questions, make Collabs, talk about games, post art, and more!

Here's some rules about the forum-
Stay on topic,
That means stay relevant to the topic of hopscotch or the forum and don't just start talking about what you ate for dinner or what happened at school. If you get off topic, you will be flagged most likely :wink:

Be nice!-
How would you like it if you came in here new and everyone was mean and unwelcoming? You wouldn't like it. So remember to treat others as you would want others to treat you :D

How not to spam the forum-
If you want people to check out your new games whenever they come out don't make a topic for every game that you make, that spams and clutters our forum, and we don't want that. A great idea is to make an announcements topic so whenever you want to announce a new game or whatever you can post it there :wink:

Make sure to check out the topic @Intellection74 posted called community guide lines for more rules of the forums.
Frequently asked questions
So many people on the forum have questions, here are some answers!

What's a collab?

what's a collab

A collab is when two people make a project together! They can make or share an account together, or trade drafts by remixing and adding onto the project.

What's a coding partner?

what's a coding partner

A coding partner is when someone and another hopscotch decide to work on most of their projects together, not just a collab, but for a lot more.

What's the lounge?

what is the lounge?

The lounge is a category where regulars+ can post topics that only regulars+ can view! Right now you can only choose the help category. But when you become a regular you can post and look at topics in the lounge.

How do I get regular???

how do I get regular?

You can get regular by being on for 50+ days and reading a ton of topics and posts!
Check out @Kiwicute2016's regular (badge) checkups topic and ask her how close you are till regular!

I really hope you enjoy our forums!

A tag is when you do @ and then someone's username
Type @smishsmash and I will get a notification! So be sure to type it if you need anything :D


To become a Regular and access the Lounge, you must meet these requirements

It seems like a lot in beginning, but don't worry about it. The hardest part is being on for enough days, since the other requirements come naturally in 50 days.


Okay, so, a tag is the turquoise thing below the title that is related to the topic!


Thanks, guys! You have been extremely helpful and I feel very welome! I like this place already :stuck_out_tongue:


I'm glad to hear that! It's awsome this place!



Don't worry, all of us were once noobs


Who you calling a noob? :wink:


Everybody new, no offense. I remember my early forum days....(insert elaborate flashback here)
Yeah back to the present.


No offense taken. I thank you for the welcome!


Hello, welcome to the forum, @EmmabugOnTheForum! We are so excited you are here! I will explain some things.


How to post photos is you will see some symbols above the blank space where you reply (I'll get to that later). One of them looks like a rectangle with some dots on it and a big arrow shooting up. After that, it will ask you to add an image from the web or from your device. If you press from the web, you'll be urged to type in a link. Put in the link and press the blue box that says upload. If you want to upload a picture from your device, press "Choose Files". You'll choose a photo from your photo library, your iCloud Drive (if you have it), or take a photo or video of yourself or something else right then and there. (Don't worry about the "More" tab!)

Replies and Likes

To give replies, you must press the blue button that says reply or in someone else's post, to the right, there is a black icon that says reply. You must keep your replies at least 20 letters long. Some words (even if they aren't totally curse words) will turn out to be black squares once you reply. That is because there are young users! Also do not say curse words or FTW (don't freak out!) They are not good! If you are a new user, you are entitled with a certain amount of replies on your first day. That is because the server doesn't trust you yet (because anyone can start a spam or be mean!) After that, you have an unlimited amount of replies. Likes, however, you are endless with them to begin with. There is a medal called "Nice Topic" which means you have recieved 10 likes on a topic (you can get multiple of them, I have about 5!)


I'm not going to get too much into the medals and everything else. But those are the basics! If you have any questions, ask me!

Your friend and fellow Hopscotch Forum user,


P.S. Stay happy and love ducks!!!


You guys have left me with almost no questions, but I do still have one...
How are there not more Hopscotchers on here??!?


Not many Hopscotchers know about the forum! Even though it is in notifications (ahem!), people don't really care about it! Are you a Hopscother?


Of course! I basically have the same forum and Hopscotch username, Emmabug! I love Hopscotch it rules!


That is the truthโ€ฆ le XD