Can someone draw me a profile background?



Okay! Calling @SarcasticTvHead @itzMaya and all artists! Can someone draw me a background for my profile? When I do it, it looks blurry and not showing the whole thing! Can you make sure:
• It’s not a specific picture, but like a background, might have repeated pics or a pattern.
Thanks! You will be mentioned in my profile talk thing and a shoutout on actual hopscotch!


Do you what it drawn or coded or does it not matter?
I have some time so I could code it, since you want something like a patterned background

The profile talk thing is called a bio, by the way


I’ll create one for you! Give me a sec.


Here are three I created, with some different designs and colors. If you like one of them but want different colors, I can do so :slight_smile:


i think this is a good backround


I didn’t draw this, I know. I thought since your name is @CoderOfMagic, I found something with coding and magic. Idk. :neutral_face:


Can you post this on the drawing topic?


I’ll draw one, if you want me to, though I can’t do it this week.


This is my profile background right now:

It should be the right size, so if you want to use it, you are free to do that! It´s designed on a website called “Canva”, by the way, so if you want to create cool graphics, you could check there! They have free acoount options, I think.


Since I made my profile hidden, can anybody draw me a pfp, now I quit the duck llama thing


Just use your face

(Oops sorry didn’t read rules)


I love that one


I’d take a request with a ref for you uwu