Can someone do me a favor?


Please can someone tell Finchflight from hopscotch to join the forum!?


Umm maybe...
I'm kinda busy :D


Ok..... Maybe? Can't you do it yourself? Do you have hopscotch?


Your New To The Forum, So I Guess?

Helpful Totourial On Profile Pics:
Click On Your Profile Pic In The Top Right Corner Of The Screen. That's Your Notifications. Click On The Gear That Pops Up. That's Your Settings.

From Here, There Is Your Profile Pic With A Pencil Next To It. Click It.

From There, You Have Three Different Options. The Picture Shows It All.

Thanks For Seeing This Post. Have Fun On The Forum!


Your can send a invite by following these steps


Lol, no. I used to... I moved to a new school


I changed the title. Thought it would help.


I can't invite her... she doesn't check her email... and I miss her...


giraffe can you please see if finnchflight is still on hopscotch? please?