Can someone check bugs on my project?


This year will be my 3rd year on Hopscotch! (Well, at least past October 29)


I love the use of one of the newest emojis. Happy New Year’s to you as well.

You are seriously just one of those really talented users with very little attention, which I find wrong. But all that matters is that you work hard to improve and I can tell you do.


This one’s from the newest update! :woozy_face:


Really, thx so much guys, support is always nice, but is better if you’re the one giving it!




Sophia, I got a question for you, how do you do the pixels? Like in snoopy’s trail art? :thinking:


We are to the point of no longer being relevant. Oops. LGBOT?


The size can be adjusted. Just remember your total pixel size will be double the size of the trail width.


THX! I’d always wanted to know how to pixel art!


You’re welcome! I tend to use online templates for my pixel art. Lately, I’ve been drawn to perler art templates because they’re easier to follow.


Interesting game. You seriously over-complicated things in the code, which really makes it hard to tell you how to fix it.

Here are bugs that I found:

  • Lagginess on old devices (like my 5 year old iPad)

The solution for this one is simple: simply your code! Get rid of all unnecessary rules, try to fit as many code blocks into one rule as possible, use the lesst amount of values you can and just look for a cleaner approach to everything. You should never try to make something look as complicated as it can, the simpler the code is, the less laggy your project is.

  • When falling, character goes right through blocks.

This was probably the hardest bug for me to find the solution to because it took me a while to find the code that that controlled the collisions and to figure out how your movement controls work. All that you’d have to do to fix this bug is take away the +25 in the check once if (character)y Position > (self)y position+25 and change the maximum falling speed to 15 (through a check once if)

Nit-picks I have with game:

  • Text was poorly contrasted and therefore hard to read
  • block election was not separated from stage
  • level test button was too small and had no text describing what it did so I didn’t know what it was at first
  • Emojis were used as play level button and checkered flag
  • background pixels were one size too small and had white lines between them.
  • Over complicated code
  • Character jumped too high making all levels easy

Finally, things I liked about the game:

  • Easy to use level editor
  • random character selection (using a method I’ve never seen before and liked)
  • Play controls that I never knew I liked until now
  • effort put into project


THX so much, really, if you want help or just want to hang out, you can join my gt!


Same thing back to you. :joy:


Ok :ok_hand:, I’ll join your gt


Nah, no need… I’ll join yours. I do have a wuick question.


Wow, awesome project! The only possible bug that I found was that when you moved you character (at least left), it didn’t detect elevantion changes, so you had to jump to get to a block lower than the one the character was currently standing on (in the play mode).

But, you really have a cool project and I think that it be Featured already! :slight_smile:


I made a new version and it has all the bugs solved! Check it:

@Yusamac205 @William04GamerA


Awesome! Now, this project is definitely feature-worthy.


Can’t wait to try it