Can someone check bugs on my project?


Can someone plz check this game I published? It has lots of code so I want to know if there is any bug, this game has physics which makes it more likely to have bugs! Plz, if you have time check it!


FIRST! (am I the only one who still says that XD?)

One second, I’ll check.


@pomtl plz help me I did lots of effort on this project!


Thx Sophia! I appreciate your help very much!


That’s amazing! All I will say is that tiles can stack on top of each other which isn’t exactly great…


Thx! I like when people find my projects great!


I ate cheese.


What are you trying to say?


Or who are you referring to?


I joined on December 2016


GREAT PROJECT! Well, all of your projects are great (that’s why I follow you).

I don’t see any bugs, so my only advice is to make the objects drag a little better right after they are cloned because when you start to grab a new object, it drags outa little bit then you have to take your finger off and drag it again.


Yeah, that was the purpose at the start because if you just dragged it, it wouldn’t clone the objects, so you need to tap the original object before dragging the clone


And THX A LOT for that, I really like to see people enjoying my projects!


All of them are awesome! :smiley:


Thx so much, really, thx guys!


Hey, it is hard for older hopscotchers to make their way onto featured unless they have good connections on the forum (good friends who nominate your good project for featured as soon as it’s published). It took me a year and a half to get featured.


But stop it because I’m getting out of ways to say thanks


Me too! I didn’t got any featured until asteroid rush! And I started in 2016


And asteroid rush is from 2018


Oh, i almost forgot, HAPPY NEW YEAR! :partying_face: