Can Someone Center my Penguin? FIXED



This is the picture:
It's so annoying, because if you click on it (my profile picture, not this picture), it's off center. If anyone can fix it, I'll take a project (preferably pixel or trail art request) from you or give you a shoutout. Thank you!

EDIT: It's been fixed! Thanks to all of you who tried!


First like and reply!!
Anywho.. I will try. I dont if I will be able to center it, but I will try.
EDIT: Oh I see it has to be moved to the right.


That is annoying.. Sorry but I can't do this.


Sorry for the edit :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@KVJ, are you sure that spelling is correct? I think there may be two spellings.


Absolutely :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok then...can you fix this problem? It's really annoying, I'll add more prizes if no one tries fixing this.


Testing something


Is that the fixed picture?


I have a solution: put the image on a white background, where the white background is all around. Crop it so it's centred!


It might be, so you can try.

I was just stretching it a little :slight_smile:


Okay, let me try the picture you gave.
EDIT: I think you moved it to the left instead of the right. @KVJ


You could take a screenshot on your iPhone or iPad and then when you set the picture, center it.
That probably made no sense.


I've squished it (above) so you could try that.

But what @PenguinGaming713 is saying is probably a better way.


I don't spell it like that, but it's correct in some places.



Is that a fixed version? If you could, could you lower the penguin so his head doesn't get cut off? I'm sorry for being so picky, I want this little guy PERFECT. :stuck_out_tongue:


I can do it if you want?


Sure, I want you to! I'm giving prizes!


Here ya go: