Can somebody tell me what happened with the leaders being demoted? I kinda know but I kinda don't


I searched before I posted. I want to know what happened.




Actually IDK.
I think.
Oh my my what is this


I didn't see that much of what happened a bit before the leaders were demoted, but there was some argument about something I can't remember, and the something less about the leaders being off-topic or less active.


They got demoted because why not


Oh, that makes sense.


THT are the new leaders since some months ago.


What I can remember from the official post is that Liza said they couldn't provide anymore for the leaders and decided to move leadership to THT only


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That's makes more sense, I don't know why I couldn't find that topic.


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In the earlier days of the forum, leaders and moderators were promoted by THT themselves. They gave abilities to users that they trusted to help. They had abilities that helped the forum a lot, which they put to good use.

Last year, THT demoted the leaders. They thought that the forum could work together to moderate themselves, and the only people with abilities should be the team itself. That is how the forum has been running since.


@Dude73 answered a lot of it for you, but my friend has emailed Liza about it, and Liza said it was because:

  • It was too much work to moderate them.
    ° THT had to moderate what the kid leaders were doing.
  • Some were making poor judgments.
    ° They weren't doing stuff they should be.

You should ask @Currency5097193 about it, she knows more than me.


Last summer, while I was gone, I think.


I can help explain you want


Why the leaders were demoted and such


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SO basically Kiwi and other leaders were making other accounts that were spam and promoted them to leader and used them as seperate accounts, and Liza thought this was silly. She yelled at Kiwi about it and called her immature and demoted all the leaders because of the alternate accounts and stuff and all the promoting. The former leaders revealed this was the real reason after he topic was posted because Liza apparently did not want to look bad or something. SO yeah that's why they were demoted.


Can you link the topic? Or was it a PM?