Can somebody please draw me a new profile picture?


I need a new Forum icon.

Unfortunately, I can't draw on here very well without a stylus, and I don't have one. My current icon is terrible and poorly drawn which is surprising since I draw amazingly well on paper. Can someone please draw me a new one?


I can't draw sorry


I need it to be similar to my current one.


Should we have a change and not use that icon?


Well, I just need a version of it that's drawn better.


I think I may be able to draw it.


Oh. Sorry, I can't do that.
Should we really have a change?


I drew it on a Samsung tablet without a stylus.


Ooh.. can I see those drawings?
You could just draw on paper, take a picture of the drawing, and set it as your icon, y'know.


Also, it has to be realistic. Are we allowed to post selfies?


No. You can't put your face online here. :/

Also, can you just take a picture of your drawn picture on paper and set it as your icon?


I always draw on notebook paper, and there's no way I could edit out the lines. Also, the lighting would be weird.


It's fine. Lighting isn't very hard to fix, really. The lines on paper don't matter..


I'll just take a picture of my glasses, then. Not to copy RelaxAlax, but to help with the drawing.


Here they are:

They are blue glasses from the company Converse.


Yo, @Ihasfluffycupcakes, my glasses are on post 15.


Tell me when you're done, please.


My eyes are brown. My hair is also brown.


My hair looks like this:

Please ignore the ad. I am not advertising.


The most important part is that I am a boy.