Can some one help fix this game? I will give credit!


If you play this, you can see that after a while you can't get through the holes(it will just float right above it), also after a while the ball can go through the main blocker thing.

Sorry I didn't explain much, but need help with this code. Can anyone help? I will be sure to give credit. Thanks >_<


I will check it out, but for some reason I can't load most HS projects.
EDIT: Yeah, it is the same with your project, unfortunately.


Oh, why is it doing that?
Is the link not good?


I tried what I could understand, but I cannot figure it out. I am not the best person for this, sorry.


Can anybody fix this :confused:


I'll try.
Edit: I think it's a Hopscotch bug.


Hmm, that's weird.
I don't know what's wrong. I think someone else than me should help.


Yeh probably, but sadly a Hopscotch bug. RIP me :(


Hehe. Wait until isn't working how I want it, so my summer contest game is going to be bad ish.


I think it has to do with a variable... I don't think you had to put as many variables as this into a game and it makes it that much more confusing...but I will try :thinking:.


Please help.
You know the value for the blocker type, where it can get set to random 1 or 2.

Well, I changed it to random 1 to 1 and random 2 to 2 and when I did that, the game worked perfectly.
But it doesn't work when it is random 1 to 2. But why



I'll look into it. Tag me tomorrow.


@Petrichor think you can look at it? It's tomorrow


No, it is something wrong with my iPad. It does that to almost all projects except mine, and I have no idea why it is happening. I hope that it will work in the new upcoming HS version.


I know why, it's because of the little spaces between the platforms. They aren't spaces because it's all one text. To fix this just do this:

I've been playing for 5 minutes a and it works with the shortened texts :slight_smile:




I can't figure out why. It should work perfectly.


No but that's too big of openings.
And it works at first then randomly stops working


It should, but doesn't


(Add more texts) and the stopping is weird. Once I shortened the texts, it worked. Hmm.