Can People Please Stop the Rumors?


Yes. I'm finally realizing how (no offense) crazy these rumors keep getting. Honestly they just cause people trouble and then you just have THT tell us the non-personal truth and makes people bad that they thought they were right but wrong. There isn't anymore MagmaPOP or Axolotl as far as our knowledge goes about Hopscotch. This game is about coding and learning about technology, not famous people who make cool games.


So I'm taking it upon myself to ignore the rumors.


Tru, but just asking,( really not tryin to be rude or anything... )
Didn't you like just make a topic starting a rumor about Axolotl?


Yes and that was a mistake. Good bye now :slight_smile:


I know! Why are people so obsessed anyway? There just any hopscotch, like you and me.

I understand that they made a huge impact in the community, but we'll soon have to get over it. When CryingLaugh and Yummy Muffin left, we don't have anymore rumors. Might as well get over it.

I think y'all are police officers and Magma and Ax commuted a crime, and you're trying to fin them or something.

Guys, we have to get over it and just hope for at least one of them to come back.

Like @XxLuckyxX said, hopscotch isn't about spreading rumors about well known members and saying they are back, but about coding and using your imagination. :DD

MagmaPOP left a while ago, and let's just figure out that he isn't coming back anytime soon, unless his last project wasn't a real last project.


I'm pretty sure we are over it.

These Hopscoctchers made a legacy and left and we should make it stay it like that. The forums are pretty clean about this.. But the app itself...

Ehhhh no


People keep reviving MagmaPOP's leaving topic though XD


That was just checking somethings on their. Not spreading rumors :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yup I've learned that lesson the hard way :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry @Kiwicute2013 :stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue:


But I still wish they're back ;-;
Well said,