Can People Help Me With This?


So, you Know, How I have been asking People to draw my profile Pic?
I was wondering if more People could do that!
You see I Am working on a project, you will see soon!
I really want you guys to help!
You can even Code it!
You dont have to spend time on it, or be a good artist!
You will be featured in my biography, if you do it!
Heres a description if you need it!
Hair Color-Dark Brown
Eye Color-Green
Skin tone-fair
Hair style-to shoulders, down
Clothes-white shirt with a trident​:trident: On it!
If you do this TYSM!
(I hope this isnt a Bad topic)


I'll try to get to it sometime this week. If I can't, I'm really sorry!


Never be Sorry! Its completely optional!


If I have time, I will do this within the next two weeks at the latest.