Can Mods see Emails?


This just came to me yesterday, and I'm already not really comfortable with mods knowing my IP addres.s.
But, can they see your email as well? I DEFINITELY don't want mods seeing my email. It has personal info in it.
I'm really concerned, even though the mods are trustworthy people.


Yeah they can


Yup, they can


I really wish they couldn't, but they can. This should be removed.


wait this?

Or like
the know your email.


Wait what can they see coz if they can READ my emails I'm leavin.g the forum


They can't see that xD
They can see your email address.


They can't read your email xD


They can see the email you used to sign up on the forum.


They cant. But if a mod goes full rage on you they can email you. but thats all.


Lol now I want them to ha



k im out of here.

happy weekend


Kk c ya`

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Edit- @PopTart0219 why did u close this it shunt have Ben closed


We don't talk about these kinds of things anymore (or at least I don't think we do). Sorry