Can leaders promote?



Hey guys I have a simple quiestion
can leaders promote regulars?
So like could @PopTart0219 promote @Gilbert189?
Hope this helps me and others who want to know the same thing!

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I am not a leader or a regular


It's fine you will get there soon make sure to not post this in to many topics one is fine! And a regular you may get soon!


I think that leaders can't exactly promote, but moderators can, if I'm right!
I think admins can promote people to leader and moderators can promote people to regular, but they only do it if it is necessary. :wink:
It's kind of uncommon for a moderator to promote somebody, it's usually a member of the team.


Thanks for using me in your example :stuck_out_tongue:

Regular leaders cannot promote other users to leader

The way that more people promote is through a moderator or admin. Regular leaders are still untrustworthy of promotion, so moderators are the first group of promoters, second being admins. That's why we have so little moderators!


Okay thanks @PopTart0219 and @LazyLizard! And no problem!


I'm not exactly a pro but I try my best to answer your questions with the best of my knowledge, so some of my answers won't be the whole idea of things you need to know. I'm still learning, so what @Poptart0219 said explained much better than me! :wink:


Leaders can't promote, but mods and admins can! Admins can promote anyone to anything, from basic to admin, and mods can promote from basic to leader!


Wow that's cool! Thank you a lot everyone!


No problem! This was a good question!


Hello, Kiwicute2016! You're a big help to the community and I just wanted to say thanks.
I was also wondering about this question, too.


You know what they say great minds think alike!


Thanks for using me as an example!:sunglasses:

I believe this has been answered, but here's a chart:

New User

Basic User





Moderators can promote anyone below them up to leader!:wink:

If I may ask, why did you use me as an example?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yep thanks! And I used you cause you should be the next leader!:wink:


Thanks!! I'm hoping to become one, and I'm working super hard at it!:wink:


Yeah I started today I don't think I will get it but still I can act like a leeder! I don't need the badge I don't really care although it would be cool though!


Just to confirm, @Kiwicute2016, you could promote a basic user to leader? If so, then you must be SUPER trustworthy to get moderater!:wink:


No she has to be a admin like @liza @asha @ian!


Yup! I can promote you to a Leader or demote you to a basic user, or ban/suspend you (which I don't plan on doing). @Gilbert189, quote this.


Oh okay sorry I mis heard you! I hope you don't suspend anyone!