Can I still be a regular?


I have gotten flagged, like a bunch. And suspended once for 2 hours when I first started the forum, so will I ever be able to become a regular.
I don’t mind if I can’t, but I just want to know, because the other day, though I know they had good intention, I was literally trapped out of my own topic because it was lounged. The more I look into the forum, the more I notice bugs and stuff with it. But back to my original question, can I still be a reg?


After 100 Days, then yes.


Oh okay thanks! That’s not so bad. I was worried I would have problems and stuff!


I wannna be REGULAR!!! !!! !!!


Ikr IT sounds so eeeeeppppppiiiiicc


Its okay i guess


Try doing these < >
You can put random letters in between and it wont show. You can use it to break up the !!!’s without using spaces


Oh cool


Yep! Just like that!



It is pretty awesome. I love it too!


This file is unreadable



Hmm… yet i could read that it said unreadable…


Lol not any more.

If you reply to it and click the quote button in the top left corner, then you can read it.

Try it:


I saw that


I lost mine over night I was like ahomg


I have regular on another forum, it’s nothing too special. You can edit titles and move threads to different topics, and your flags have more effect on posts, but that’s about it.

Oh and of course you get a special “Regular” title if you choose.


Regular isn’t even that cooo

Like lounge isn’t cool

Trust me


its 50 days over the span of 100