Can I have some advice


Can I have some advice on my new game? You see it's really bad as usual.And I really really want it to get featured so here it is.Its RUBBISH



I think it's good and it could definitely be featured! I like how it's really colourful.




I like it a lot, especially the background!


I like it a lot! It's really cool! Great job!


I love the game - it is amazing ! I love the Backround especially ! It should go onto featured !


The so much guys!!


Really?!?!?! No one will nominate it tho XD


I will nominate it! :D
Except maybe you should add more characters, to make it more fun!


Someone has ! I promise !


Should I do that before u nominate it


Yes, but I just nominated it. I can delete my post, and nominate it when you add more characters though!
ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ


Actually I won't add more because the background hurts my eyes and if I do it longer it will hurt peoples eyes.I will make a part two tho


Why not just change the background?


Coz I like the back ground

The next one I will make a Pokemon go except it's characters are kawaii things.And Gary will be the rarest


Yes thx make gary be strongest and have him destroy gym battles


Yeah and he is a lengandary with other ones as legendarys.You could help me if u want


its a good game!! the onlt problem is i dont know that much about pokeon so i failed on like the second one XD





I know that's why it's a challenge