Can I have game ideas? Please!

Can I have some game ideas, of what I should make, because I don't really want to update my other games.
So can anyone give me some game ideas, and I might think about making it.
The more game ideas the better! Thanks -Dylan329

Since I need ideas...



New Years themed games or police-themed games like a break the bank or Mabye....
My mind is the Big Bang right now.


I think I might make a quick New Years game (will try)

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Try making a platformer :o


Make a five nights at freddys game!
Or some sort of decorating game!
Or a game where you have to take care of a pet!

here are a few ideas!

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What do you mean, by platformer?

like a game where you jump from platform to platform?

I guess so

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Easy lol
Almost new year

Weird Game Idea List

A game where a chair fell apart, and you have to put it back together piece by piece.
An "Adopt a Fruit" game. Yeah, you read correctly! XD
A "Create and Sell a Bed" game.
A game in a hamster's perspective, and you have to stay away from the owner you don't like.
A build an RV game.
A game where you select a weird newspaper article, and then you go around the block passing it out to everyone.
A game where you're inside the Hopscotch editor screen, and you dodge big blocks that people are dragging out.
A game where you travel through a plug and dodge the things that travel inside of it
A word guesser! Where you choose between the words on the home screen, and the players go through a series of questions about the word, and it guesses what word it was based on the questions!

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Hmmm some of those I have to very good with making objects out of shapes, which I am terrible at. Lol but thanks

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I have some of a "platformer" game started, but I don't want to copy the game "Galatic Parkour" (think that was the name) but idk exactly what should happen with the blocks that would be jumped on. Should I make blocks anywhere from top to bottom of screen, or have it in the bottom area?

Any ideas/help for it?

make a potatoe themed game :D

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A BlahOMetry dash!

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HI Valgo your an awesome coder
I followed you on scratch and you followed me back

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Cool! Thanks for the compliment! :smiley:



No the best, not the worst lol.

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I need game ideas.



How about a Pokemon battle game?

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Pokemon Go
A map with randomly spawning characters, and when you click on them, you have to catch them

Lol both Pokemon ideas @lollypopcorn

Expand the Pokemon Go idea: catch characters you battle with later

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I don't really wanna make Pokémon, but thanks for the ideas.