Can i have a title pleeez!


I know i went a bit MAD! Last time
But I really want a title so will someone give it me pleez?
If not than tell me if there any contest where i can win a title


Well I am no leader, but I think the leaders/mods want the titles to be something special that you can only earn :slight_smile:.




Leaders and mods don't give titles. There is no need for a topic. Im Sorry, but you aren't getting a title.


Stick is right. Mods don't give out titles unless it's for a contest and some other reasons too.


I know that
But are there any contest where i can win a title?


No. Not yet. Not to my knowledge.


It has to be a special contest which is mod/leader approved


Not currently! :D


Titles only happen when mods or leaders grant you one, if you complain, the chances will drop.


Was I complaining?


I don't think you're going to get a title, sorry D:

There's probably going to be a Christmas project contest, but I dunno :stuck_out_tongue:

LOTS of people don't have a title, don't worry! It's OK if you don't have one! Pingu, Malty, Dudey...there are so many more :D


it's okay you can get a title!

Just earn Regular first :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I bet there will be a Christmas contest


Hoi Checky-chan!


I think you should be able to give yourself a title and they shouldn't be special.


I agree with giving yourself a title, but only if you were regular...


For example I got my title from a old LGBT event


How do you give yourself a title


You can't