Can I go on hopscotch on holiday?


Okay I am going to America on holiday. American hopscotchers help! I have a charger but it's an English one. It has 3 prongs to fit in the socket. Can I use my charger in America? If I can it means I'll be on regularly on hs if not bye again.


Either way you could buy an adaptor…


And yay Brit life! :smiley:


If your charger looks like this/can fit into this then you're good to go


Ya I think that's what all the outlits look like

am I the only one who calls them outlits :0


Outlets? Or outlits?

I call them plugs…@Candycane?


Most definitely plugs in the UK XD


I call them power outlets. Most of the time.


No, your charger won't work, but you can ask your parents to buy an adapter. DO NOT try to plug your charger into an American outlet without an adapter.


Yu my dad has an adaptor.


Use an adaptor. And do other fun things on your holiday so that you use less battery meaning less charging time.

Yey another brit hopscotcher.


If you're on vacay anyway, you and your parents are gonna need adapters for charging phones and stuff. So yes, you need an adapter, but you'll need it for other stuff. Your parents will definitely need to get one anyway, so you won't need to beg.

If you don't mind me asking, which state are you gonna be in?

Edit: I see you have an adapter. Is it British to American adapter? If so, you're good!

Also, Americans drive on the other side than you're used to (the right side) so be careful when crossing streets!

I didn't learn much British English, but here is a translation I remember:
Lift- Elevator


Editable translations and warnings post I guess:

  • Americans aren't as disciplined as British (in my opinion)
  • Chips- French fries
  • biscuits-cookies
  • Color is spelt as C-O-L-O-U-R.
  • Holiday - Vacation
  • crisps- chips
  • I think they don't use the expression 'I reckon'
  • ONLY Do the peace sign with the palm facing away from you. If you do it with the palm facing towards you then you are doing a really rude sign.


I live in America but my school and everyone in it, frens, parents spell it color :stuck_out_tongue:

I'm just to lazy to add a U but you don't need to :D
You can spell it both ways :D


Fortunately at least one American knows the last one (@PopTart0219) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


For obvious reasons


We don't want any broken chargers here.
I once gone to france with an adapter to play my 3DS.
My adaper from home either didn't work or didn't fit.
The teacher had one (It was a school trip mkay?)
So there.
The adapter may not work. Just saying.


You can buy a new charger in the USA! Some adapters are just a dollar, and sometimes the three prong outlets are harder to find.


I went into my room that I was staying in and there was an adaptor anyway.


Lol yep you need to but the charger with 2
checks plug umm but I see that my plug also has another hole so maybe you souls do it with three prongs
Btw I live in Canada but America has the same kinda as canada