Can I create my own blocks and add them in sections



Can I create blocks and add them in sections, like Movement?


no i do not believe that you can.
havn’t used hopscotch in long time tho


No, but that would be a cool feature!
@Rodrigo, @awesomeonion, @Liza, @Ana, what do you think?
Although you can compile already-made blocks in the custom block section, if you want to do that.


No. You cannot. The blocks in every section except for “custom” are not able to be added to. You can create custom abilities which use the blocks you’ll find there already, but they will be sorted to “custom”


Can’t you make your own blocks by editing the .json file?


No. You can modify current blocks (for example, in a project I’m working on I have the none block with parameters for reference. Not sure if I’ll keep that though) but you can’t add your own.


Oh, ok.(What does the “none” block even do?)


I assume it does nothing.

I can check tomorrow but I think it’s just a thing that exists.


Sadly, I don’t think that it is the case right now. You can always make custom “rainbow” blocks though. I agree with @tankt2016. This would be a cool feature to have in Hopscotch!


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