Can I change my forum name?


Does anyone know If I change my forum name without making a new account because I changed my hopscotch name to END_OF_L1NE and I want to change my forum name to that too, but if I can't I will just change my hopscotch name back to Clu3555


I don't think you can. Sorry!!:slight_frown:


I don't think you can, sorry. It has to do with people @ing you.


Alright then I will go change my hopscotch name back


Sorry @Clu3555!:sleepy:


Sorry you can't!
Maybe you emailing the hopscotch team at!


Why don't you ask Liza
By the way can you tell be wat yur hopscotch name is in the end as i would like t see some of the game that you have published



No, only Leaders can change their username. It's the tagging. But you can make a new account! :wink:
But if you were already a Regular, you have to ask a mod to get it backā€¦:frowning:


Everyone else pretty much covered it. XD