Can I become a regular?



Yes!!! 20.0k post read, and over 50 days visited. Is that enough to be come regular?

Please let me know :wink:


Yes, I believe so. I think you'll get it sometime soon




:grin: hooray


I think you should get the regular badge :DDDDDDDD congrats


I know you've been on the forum for the right amount of time, I'm not sure why you haven't gotten the badge yet. Most people don't get the badge because they haven't read enough topics, which may be the case. Just keep going through newest and reading as much as you can until you get the badge!


Oh, so the badge automatically comes to you? Cool! I thought the hopscotch team had to look at your account and put the badge on there!


I think you have to be on 50 days out of 100.


Yeah, I 67 days visited at the moment.


You have to be on 50% of all the days you've joined.


Oh. Ok


(scrolls through tons of topics)



You might have to be on more days.


50 out of the last 100 days



500 years later

Y u no become regular?


I'm pretty sure it doesn't come straight on the 50th day... I got it on my 51st day when I had qualified by my 50th...


You need to read 500 topics maybe? But you'll probably get it soon if you read lots of topics


oh no


well i now know why I don't have the badge
and why i'll never get it eheh


@asha @Liza can I become regular now?


@asha @liza @thomas can I become regular?



@asha, @liza, @thomas, @rodrigo, will I get regular soon???