Can I be a Beta Tester?



HI @admins! I was wondering if I could be a beta tester. I am rather new to Hopscotch, but I have used a few coding languages and apps. My projects are all code, and I love to code. I am RedRaspberry2016 on Hopscotch. I am not allowed to email, it is not an option to ask this by email . I thought asking on the forum was the next best thing. Please answer! @Liza (I just tagged Liza because she is the one I mostly see on the forum :blush: )


Yea I also would really like to be a beta tester! I'm on the forums and Hopscotch plenty, at least a few hours a day, and I'm really willing to do it! Also I can email you, I don't have a Hopscotch email but I have already emailed you guys before so that shouldn't be a problem...

I just really want to be a beta tester!


You should definitely be a beta tester! You have awesome projects and you are so inspirational and kind!


To become a beta tester, email them, and they will most likely allow you!


I am not allowed to email. :frowning:


Ok. I will do that when I get home.

I have a school iPad, have to email from home


I am a beta tester @Ian asked me to be a beta tester!


I'm sorry, but I think it is highly improbable that you can become a beta tester via forum. THT emails testers the new beta and what to test every beta session. It would be hard to do this with no email. Sorry :frowning:


Its not HIGHLY Impossible THT could private message her..... but who knows... i think you have to have an email to beta test. ATTENTION ALL NEW BETAS we look forward to seeing you in the next beta


I would like to be one, except I'm under 10, have no email, am not allowed to use my mom's email, and have a brother who's my age.


also i think the beta team is getting pretty full so they might only let a few in but im not sure


Do you guys want me to close this?


I don't think it needs to be closed. :wink:


It's getting heated, so keep this friendly


To become a beta tester, you do need an email, because that's how they send the links to you!


Umm........ What is a beta tester?


A person who will test on a separate hopscotch app by looking for bugs.
It's fun! I'm a beta tester!


Being a tester sounds like fun. I might actually try to email them about it! :smiley:


Yeah, I might email them too.
I think you need a email to test... I'm not sure though.


I have an email. I just didn't know if my parents would be ok if I emailed them because at first they said no. But now they said yes, so I will email THT!