Can hopscotch make a version for android?


Can hopscotch make a version for android because i know its meant for apple devices but i really want u to make a version for android because i have a android and i can only do the forum on this app called star safari
So plz if u can! @liza
(Not forcing u to)


Why don't you just tag Liza?

Runs away


Ima email them real quick!


They've already said they're going to release one in a year or so.


Who has android

  • I do have android
  • I dont have android
  • I have another kind of phone


Votes are public.


I has flip phone
I know, old school :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh cool!! @MobCraft
Why is your profile background black??
Did you want to change it to that???


Because I'm just an invisible guy
And everyone should blame me


I don't have a phone


@MobCraft is why Hopscotch is not on Android.


Because THT does not know Java


No, @MobCraft is the reason why. :stuck_out_tongue:


I can read, yes
And yes you blamed me lol


I don't even have a phone, XD


Convince your parents to get a flip phone lol


I lost my phone at this random place 4 days ago


But I am getting an iPhone for my bday (which is soon)


Wut?! I nearly left my phone in a cinema. Luckily my sis was liek "Where's your phone?"
Me: runs back to my seat


I got an iPhone 5S when I got 90 for my maths last year!


lucky. Im only getting a 5.