Can Hopscotch improve sound effects?


I code music on HS and have a few suggestions for how to improve my experience. Here is a list XD

  • Dynamics (sound adjusting) so that background does not blend with melody

  • More octaves (probably about seven so it matches with the piano)

Thank you! (Lol almost wrote “tank you”…)
Can someone tag THT?

Volume Block In Hopscotch?

I also want the ability to set how long a note rings.

And more instruments.


Yess. Of course. I would love that too. Do you know how to tag THT?

  • Volume control of sounds
  • Set Tempo (not necessary, but will be useful. Something similar can be done currently)
  • Play Sound for X beats (for notes and drum sounds)
  • Length of note (either beats or milliseconds)
  • More instrument sounds (piano, guitar)
  • More octaves of notes
  • More drum sounds (hi-hat and cymbals are the most important imo)
  • Staccatos, legatos and accents to add style
  • Different loudness- pianissimo, piano, mezzo piano, mezzo forte, forte, fortissimo, etc.


Thank you! You saved meh!


These are great ideas!!! I love making Hopscotch music and I’m hoping for some sound updates too :DDD


Amazing ideas, it would be cool to add these functions to Hopscotch! :smile:


Cool idea! Ive never made music on hopscotch before but I think dynamics would be really cool maybe there could be a slider thing when you pick a note or a block :smiley: