Can anyone with fancy key pro help? SOLVED



If you have fancy key pro, would you be able to possibly copy and paste an alphabet of letters here, so I can use it in a project?

You will get credit :blush:

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Wait a moment please. It's just a link. But it has a lot of characters. I dunt know if that's what you're looking for.



That's a lot of letters :000


I has it m8 :slight_smile:


Can you paste the alphabet of just 1 font in?

I honestly don't mind which


Sure hold on a moment


Thanks! :D





I don't really think you need a whole topic for this?
I would, but someone has already done this for you so...
Honest question, why don't you just get the app? ( definitely not trying to be rude or anything, just curious )


Because I cba and it's just easier to ask.

It's also related to hopscotch because I need it for a project that I am coding


Thank youuuu! :D