Can anyone tell me how close I am to regular?


I've been looking and there are no badge checkups available at the moment...
Can anyone help?
Here are my stats...

Do I need to read, like or post more?


I think you have to be on for a bit longer :D

The requirements are, I think, that you must have been on for more than 50 of the past 100 days.


As CreationsOfANoob said you need to be on for 50 days out of 100 days!
You also need to read 20,000 posts so keep reading!


Stay on more and read more.


I bookmarked this topic just in case I found something for what I know...
I'm new too... I don't think I can't help...


Also keep reading new topics (you need to look at 500). You are almost there!:slight_smile::+1:


In about a week, if you keep reading a lot (I recommend my own General Topik and the Drawing Topics), you'll get there!


I think you have to be on for at least 50 of the last 100 days. You also need to read 20K posts. You have 8.2k more posts to read.:slight_smile:


Be on more days and possibly read more.