Can anyone Please?


I am not even famous in hopscotch. All I see is Hey there here's some tips for getting started, so whoever likes my projects will be followed... You don't have to, but I just wanted to make people know me. Thanks! Also, tell me if you like me or not.



Well I saw that BB-Box liked my topic, so I guess he/she likes me.


I didn't say you have to, I said If u want.


What is your hopscotch username?

I'm Crazy_cake :D
And ya may see some notifs from me C:<

It's not supposed to be about being popular :D
Just keep trying!


Hmmm it's not about the popularity really… but having good Frens can help! Wanna be Frens?


Popularity and likes shouldn't be a concern on Hopscotch. If the Hopscotch Team sees likes as an issue, then they may remove them from the system.

Just focus on being a better coder than you already are! Your only competition should be yourself! :smiley:


Just so you know I'm a "he"


Just because you don't have a lot of likes and follows doesn't mean you're not a great coder and a follow-worthy person. Hopscotch has become a huge community, and I can tell you right now there's someone out there who thinks you're the greatest thing that ever happened to Hopscotch!

Besides, Hopscotch isn't about fame and fortune. The Hopscotch Team created this app to help people learn, and what they want to see is you being happy about a project that you worked really hard on. If you put in an honest effort, learn from others and set your own trends, you'll have climbed the highest mountain. :smiley:


Welcome to the forum (if I haven't already said it :D)


As I thought. So... Yay! XD


I have seen you before


Likes don't mean anything! Don't worry if nobody likes your projects! Likes are just taps! You don't have to be famous to be on hopscotch


Oh, and I am Party Pooper XD :wink::wink::heart_eyes: on Hopscotch.


Do you mean on the forum?


No, on HOPSCOTCH!!!!!!!!!!


Ok :D


I am Party Pooper XD :wink::wink::heart_eyes:


Hi! I looked at your account. You only have 4 projects. Getting famous takes a little bit of time. Also, I see you have two remixes out of those 4.

To become famous, try to remix less, and focus on making Featured-worthy projects. I bet I'll see you on Featured sometime soon! :D


Try to be more active! :smiley: