Can anyone help? This is a glitch!



Can anyone help? If I go on my account, I made all these projects that don't show up on other accounts even though I published it. When I went on my friends account, I couldn't see my other projects since the project I made called " Blending " or something. Here's 2 pics on both accounts on hopscotch.


Anyone? Please help!


The filter has them! Email THT!


Ok. I'll try. I already have their email. Thanks!


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No my friend EnchantedHopscotcher cannot see it.


It's probably stuck in the filter.
Like @Snoopy said, email the hopscotch team! :D


I arrived late. Anyways, they said it all!


Hi smileyalyssa you are an amazing person


Wait is it all of your projects are liked or filter