Can anyone help me?


Im new to the forums and I dont know a lot of rules so it would be great if anyone could tell me what to not do and things I am able to do? So yeah???? Please help me! I also need suggestions for a new project? Currently im thinking about a project about bugs attacking you and you have to squash them. Thanks if you helped!


kool do the bug squashing thing


Are you sure? @Random_stranger


well if you really want to


K but whats should I do for the backround? @Random_stranger


do something along the lines of bugs cuz bugs


K thanks for helping!


Someone's made a bug squishing game that was on featured a few months ago.
Maybe think of a different idea.

Try making the opposite.
Tapping the screen and making bug clones to attack ppl.


like the game where you infect the world?


Dang thats a good idea actually!


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maybe make it so you have to dominate the human population


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Cough Cough you mean the class Insecta in the subphylum Hexapoda?

Dey r not bugs, dey are insects XD


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Maybe you would make a game about the bugs invading a city and you have to squash them before they take over (or something like that XD)
Your going to have a great time on the forums @UltimateCoder :D
I have been hopscotchin since December and I've learned a lot and am doing really well! :) you will too!
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