Can anyone help me with pixel art?



I'm so bad at pixel art. I have watched the video a thousand times and I still don't get it. I am almost done with a emoji bunny I think it might turn good I am not sure. But then I am trying to make a cat after that... Can anyone help me with it? Or at least give me some pixel art advice?

I don't get pixel art

TIME IS KEY! That is pretty much all you need. Once you have one pixel done, you just have to keep repeating the process. Be sure to use more than 1 character to draw it, save each pixel as an ability, and use lots and lots of repeat blocks! Try saving each line as an ability so if you mess up on a line, you can easily go back to fix it. I also like to look up the picture I want to draw as a pixel art and I use that as I guide. You can try looking at my 2 huge pixel art projects, Mickey Mouse and Elsa and Anna from Frozen. Those took about 5 hours each! Just stick with it @SnowGirl_Studios and you'll get it to work! I haven't tried emoji pixel art yet, but if that is what you are talking about I probably am not much help! Otherwise, if you ARE talking about drawing pixel art, I hope this did help!


Try these pixel art templates!

They were super easy, and they won't take 5 hours to make. Start small and then work your way up to bigger pixel arts.


wow @soapybubbles this helped sooooo much I will try that btw if you need help on emoji pixel art I can help you there! thanks for the help!


thanks @SQUISHY I will look at those


Thanks @SnowGirl_Studios! That made me happy to know I can help! I will totally ask you if I need help with emoji pixel art!


Your welcome btw you are such a big inspiration to me you really made coding fun for me with your projects! Thanks so much for being part of the Hopscotch community!


Thanks so much @SnowGirl_Studios! You just made my day :relaxed::relaxed::relaxed:


And you made my day as well @SoapyBubbles


@SnowGirl_Studios, you're so kind and sweet! :blush::blush::grinning:


@SoapyBubbles you are too and I love your Anna and Elsa pixel art it is amazing! how did you ever make it come out so perfect?? This project is defiantly one of the best project I have seen


@SnowGirl_Studios you are so kind! That one took a ton of time. I followed an online picture, too. I did Mickey first which helped some. It's basically just called sitting there and doing a bunch of lines and coming back later.