Can anyone distribute some positive comments about Hopscotch? (project!)



I'm absolutely sure all of you know that it's going to be Hopscotch's third birthday! I'm excited to see all the projects hopscotchers will contribute to our amazing community!

I'm making a project of my own, but I need to add a finishing touch, by adding some positive commenting from other hopscotchers about HS!

e.g.: This is the best coding app I've ever used!

Don't worry, I'll add your name if you do! Thank you!


Just an idea of what it looks like!

...and here's the card!

I will add your comment onto the card!


That looks great keep up the awesome work!


Thank you! :D


Anyone? ;-;


Hold on, lemme type. Also, april I make the music? (April because I want to do it in april, not may)


Thanks! Sure!
Wait, imma get the link....


Wait not right this moment, later XD


Hopscotch is so awesome that Scratch is jealous!



Is that final?


Hopscotch is an amazing app! I love the display and the features that it has, making it an incredible app that is educational! Programming is really fun when you have people supporting you, and the Hopscotch community is a great example!


Can my comment be this?
Happy birthday Hopscotch!
Ever since I got this amazing app I have always had fun everyday.
I go on it everyday, and I love being able to not only do simple coding, but be able to inspire other people.
Have an amazing 3rd b-day!!!


Yes! :slight_smile:

EDIT: Add -Rawrbear at the end! It'll look like this:

Hopscotch is so awesome that Scratch is jealous!


I have one!!! Here it is: Hopscotch has introduced me to code, and showed me that it isn't SUPER hard like I thought it was. Coding is awesome, and super fun!!!!!!! Happy birthday!! -Powder BluePuppy :dog:


Hopscotch is the most creative app that has ever existed and ever will. Hopscotch is juice. Super juice.


Hopscotch is awesome and super creative! I love it! Happy Birthday Hopscotch!

Btw awesome project!


Three words:
We love hopscotch


That looks amazing! I'll write something later... Sorry I'm so tired and sore right now to think.


Hopscotch is the best coding app ever! Without it, my life would be super boring.


I am going to write one, let me type quick. :smile:


Hopscotch team, you have changed so many people's lives. We learned how to code and draw, and we made friends! We are so blessed to have you guys, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOPSCOTCH! :smile: