Can Anybody think of a new thing we could add to hopscotch

I just wanna think about hopscotch how it can be a better coding app for everybody to enjoy you can just be you and talk to everybody doing silly things making friends so lets think about making it better so everybody can have fun and learn at the same time.


Hello @Exotic_Studios_Forum and welcome to the Hopscoth forum!

We can’t wait to get to know you, don’t forget to introduce yourself :slight_smile: by clicking on the aqua text.

It’s very good and kind of you to care about making Hopscotch better for everyone!

If you have a specific idea, you can create a new topic in the Hopscotch General category that explains the idea.

If you want to discuss general questions about Hopscotch, make sure to check out the You can talk about Hopscotch Coding Here topic!

Again, a very warm welcome to the forum! I am William by the way, one of the community moderators on here.