Can anybody help me make a trail art oval? (Solved)



Like make the whole oval black.


reapeat 361 create a clone
Increase value: random by 2

When object is cloned:
Draw a trail:
Set position x: 300 x cos +512 y: 350 x sin + 400


I don't get "random by 2"



Oh Ok. Thanks so much for being patient with me!


No problem. Feels good to help people.


This might be better:


Can you show me step by step where to put the blocks in the sin and cos part?


You just have to get a cos/sin block where all other math blocks is. Beside the thing where you print numbers.


I'm doing it wrong and I don't know what to do.


You shouldn't take that times/multiplication block, just sine/cos. It have all those things in it already.
I know it might be hard, I had exactly the same problem before


Did it work?


Have I tried set pos to the coordinates in the plus bubble after the son/cos.


YEs it did! THanks so much!


No problem.


Yesssss #spreadcosine good job, you both.


Cosine is the best!!!!


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If you need help with Sine/Cosine in general: