Can anybody help me make a trail art oval? (Solved)



This, takes sin and cos. I don't know how to use sin and cos. So, can someone screenshot of the code? I learn better that way. I want the oval this shape:


I'll try

Screen shot in progress




Thanks! I'll try it in a little bit!


And also, if I want the whole circle to be filled, I can just make the width bigger, right?


What do you mean?

Also, get the sin and cos position at the beginning of the code


Like make the whole oval black.


reapeat 361 create a clone
Increase value: random by 2

When object is cloned:
Draw a trail:
Set position x: 300 x cos +512 y: 350 x sin + 400


I don't get "random by 2"



Oh Ok. Thanks so much for being patient with me!


No problem. Feels good to help people.


This might be better:


Can you show me step by step where to put the blocks in the sin and cos part?


You just have to get a cos/sin block where all other math blocks is. Beside the thing where you print numbers.


I'm doing it wrong and I don't know what to do.


You shouldn't take that times/multiplication block, just sine/cos. It have all those things in it already.
I know it might be hard, I had exactly the same problem before


Did it work?


Have I tried set pos to the coordinates in the plus bubble after the son/cos.


YEs it did! THanks so much!