Can any of you get over MagmaPOP leaving?


MagmaPOP was the best. We can't get over losing him. Maybe he'll come but...but...what if he doesn't​:sob:. He should really get a sort of hopscotch funeral.:coffin:. All I want to say is that we will miss you MagmaPOP. Hopscotch will remember you.


Yes, I agree, he was an amazing coder!
But everyone who leaves should be remembered



His projects were awesome
He was awesome
Everything is awesome
stops singing
But seriously, he was amazing!
Hope he codes in the future and makes more mind blowing things
I think he does deserve a funeral... Like, a hopscotch one tho XD
Hope he comes back ;-;


I thought magma pop was like a unicorn and a unicorn is bae or like the centre of everything so basically magma pop leaving killed my inner unicorn and everyone's inner unicorn


Jess888 how could MagmaPOP kill your inner unicorn???? EVIL​:unicorn::unicorn::unicorn::unicorn:


This may be offensive

But I got over it.

He was a great hopscocther and he was really nice but I mean he will come back soon...:smirk:


Yeah he did do it once.... But all I can say is I hope he comes back again


I am like 75% he will come back..


75% is more than 50%


Yeah I know.

I think love everyone knows that!:wink:


Wait he left? How do I not know this?


I hope he keeps coding a part somewhere somehow in his future because his projects truly are amazing.


My unicorn is slowly coming back


Yeah that was a pretty silly thing to write... Anyway let's not talk about percentages and more about hopscotch related stuff. Don't you love it when you discover a new really good Hopscotcher?


He made a bye project, I mean it was one of those faces with goodbye forever in them.


He isn't coming back. I'm almost completely sure of that.

He leaved once before, but then he said "last project for a while".
He didn't post his unfinished projects that time.
But this time, he will not come back.

I am almost completely sure about that.


Yes. Everyone who leaves should be remembered.

P.S Why is he leaving? No reason?


Maybe he has a school iPad.
Sometimes people just quit aswell. Weird


I don't think so because if he have a school iPad he should write it!


Fair point...fair point but counter point what if he didn't want to write anything too lengthy so he just wrote a face