Can admins change my username?


Due to privacy, I wanted to change my username. It’s just that my username is linked to lots of accounts that contain personal information. I know it won’t be easy, but… please?


Just in case an admin sees this...

I want to change my username to “KLaurence” (without the quotes)

also i can’t see a category that fits “username changing” so i posted in this category


Probably not easily, it will break a lot of forum tags. You could make a new forum account instead.


Well, I know that it will break all of the tags named after my username; and I don’t want to start another account. First, I don’t have spare emails; and second, I need to wait like a few days to start posting (and other people might not know me)




I don’t know, but they don’t do it and as @MR.GAM3R mentioned, it will break tags. But it’s easy and it’s possible, look at this post by Codinghorror on the official Discource forum:
But, he also says this:

Note that all @username references to that user in post text will be broken after the name change.


Well, no offense; but I already tried that like a day ago before asking this question; and it says a message that indicates that “You are not permitted to view this resource.”

No offense again, but I shouldn’t have posted this topic if I can change that by myself.


There is nothing wrong with this topic. And the post that I linked explained a menu that only admins can access.


But well, I accessed that thing (by like, entering the URL), but still, it didnt allow me to change my username, even if I click the button to confirm.


I tried to access the URL and that worked, but I didn’t try changing my username.


Somebody people have done it, like anonymous changed his name from follow4likesofficial to anonymous.


Actually Kiwicute did that for Anonymous i think


Email They’ll probably help you find a solution!


That was as a test, though - it lagged the forum’s servers out for a full 2 minutes from all of the tags breaking (meaning that it had to edit a bunch of posts in the HTML to do that). From that moment on, the leaders swore never to change usernames again.


I know. But he got it changed.


Oh cool didnt know that