Camping Trip New game | With this project you’ll have a really good chance to win the summer contest. -BB-Box (Note: BB-Box was not taking into account the other projects in the summer contest) (And he was correct in the end, regardless)


Hi! Please check this out and rate it.

It’s me remaking an older project of mine for the Second Annual Summer Contest.


Nice. Is this the final version?


Yes. Unless there is some huge bug or something I missed.


Mosquitoes is still spelt wrong, and when you don’t have enough energy to hike it says “Try try to wait or rest”, other than that everything works well.

I hope the filter bug doesn’t happen to me, I’ve been using it too for my betas




They’re not huge.
I’ll fix the misquitoes.
Or I would if I were able to publish it.
I can’t.


cool sorry i can’t test this out and gie feedback cause I am a judge :neutral_face:


No longer in the filter.

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This is awesome. With this project you’ll have a really good chance to win the summer contest.
It was really fun after a while when I started to understand it.


Did you instantly win or go on?


I don’t think so. I’ll play it again later when I know how to play it better.




I agree! This is a really fun, cool and good game! You have made an amazing job making it, and I enjoyed playing it.


So that was project arctic rooster! It’s very good!


It’s a great game design :+1: will you add more to it?




Wow, I loved this game! So cool. Can you show them eating or hiking? I know it’s hard and time consuming, but it is possible. Oh and I thought it was kinda confusing on how you are the anteater but there are other kids too. Do you have to care of the kids too, or not? Oh and can you tell the objective of the game at the beginning? Oh and can you add a way to lose? Sorry if you already did some of this. I’m just listing a bunch things. Overall it was really fun! It’ll probably win the contest.


Just time consuming.


You care for everyone with the buttons.

I did. I assume you failed to read the how to Play.

That wouldn’t really fit in.


Hehe… oops! Still, I want to see the eating and hike and marshmallows!




Oh well, no one’ll notice the second one.