Camp meow! Open now!


Ok I'm giving the forum a second wait scratch that third chance!

Ok camp murphy1 will have things to do every day since a lot of people are out of school and don't know what to do! Camp Murphy1 is drama free wait let me repeat that drama free so nothing dramatic should we happening!
The camp starts on Friday. More info about the activities will come out tomorrow.
I will be gone for one of the weeks so I need to find I potential leader for a week so this form of your interested
Will you be on all week?
Will you be kind?
Will you make good activities to keep people entertained?

Ok then the signup are here
Will you be able to do the activities?
Will you make sure this is drama free?

happy campers!(will edit!)
*potential leaders**

Also plz don't flag I made this because a lot of the camps are full and some people haven't gotten in to one yet


Cats are also very including in the activities!
XD(we will do an activity about them)


This sounds cool! Good luck with your camp! I just don't join anything because I am afraid I won't have time to do it. But all these camps sound pretty cool.


Part time allowed! :grinning:


Anyone want to join?


Desperately wants to join camp because it has cats but knows she's already in @Bubbles4Ever929's food club, @bluedogmc-official's summer camp, is leader of the Cat Coders, and is possibly going to join a collab, and is also going to code her favorite snack, and has a bunch of unfinished drafts! Edit: And probably also has some other random stuff going she doesn't even remember!


Actually my camp just got two more free spots available.

and it's the original summer camp :D


I shall join! But I'll have to quit your food club. Sorry :frowning:


No people :neutral_face::head_bandage:
Joined camp


Yay! Party!!!!!! Thx @EmmabugOnTheForum


I'm sorry, I'm just really busy and have to stay dedicated to what I've committed to, first.


:sob:stops party and sits down at iPad sadly


Well, maybe...ill do it...


Perks up hopefully​:grinning:


I'll do it. Cats our life. I'll just tell that person I can't do the collab, I already quited the food club (@Bubbles4Ever929) I can finish the drafts and code the thing later. sigh of relief I can now relax.


Resumes the party thx @EmmabugOnTheForum


No problem c:
You are very sweet


Except you just signed up for my camp. :|

But you can handle it. I believe in you.


Thanks. I know I did (sign up for the camp). And yes, I can handle it.
I've actually joined two summer camps now...I need to get around less :\


Thx bows. Thx again for joining my camp!types as party's past the iPad throws confetti at the iPad

Now I will be back in about 30 mins!