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that’s okay! I’m still learning how to use tone indicators too :sweat_smile: at least in my part, I’m ready to try my best, learn from accidental mistakes, and walk with the community as they do the same !

edit: the phone life is making my communication even worse haha


I’ve tried learning them for a couple months now but each list I read about them is slightly different and I forget most of them anyways. Also I have a hard time picking each one I want to use, like for this I’m not sure whether to put /g or /nm or /srs or something else, since they can all have different meanings depending on context. Also I’m not entirely sure when I need to use them and when I don’t, do I only need to use them when I feel what I say could be misinterpreted? Or should I use them all the time?

Yep! I feel the exact same.


Redo of survey

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Thank you :blush:


This is totally up to you! Personally, I will be putting tone indicators in more and more of my posts, since I want to learn as many of them as possible too.

On the point of forgetting tone indicators and being uncertain - remember that no one will blame you for your mistakes as long as you’re trying :blush: And you can always bookmark the tone indicator post using the forum’s bookmark button/bookmarking feature!


I didn’t even know this was a thing thank you very much for telling me, I’ll definitely save it /g


No worries, happy to help! /g Tone indicators are saved in my bookmarks too!


what if you disagree with tone indicators lol


I see no difference. why is it written like that?


Me who still doesn’t understand how that works

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Hey, everyone makes mistakes, thats fine! Thats also why the @/Leaders introduced tone tags to the forum, in this topic there is more info on them!

Full list of Tone Tags

/j = joking

/hj = half joking

/s or /sarc = sarcastic / sarcasm

/srs = serious

/nsrs = not serious

/lh = light hearted

/g = genuine

/genq or /gq= genuine question

/gen = generally

/ij = inside joke

/ref = reference

/t = teasing

/nm = not mad

/lu = a little upset

/nay = not at you

/ay = at you

/cb = clickbait

/f = fake

/q = quote

/l or /ly = lyrics

/c = copypasta

/m = metaphor / metaphorically

/li = literal / literally

/rt or /rh = rhetorical question

/hyp = hyperbole

/pc or /pos = positive connotation

/nc or /neg = negative connotation

/neu = neutral / neutral connotation


no worries, we all agree/disagree with things so it’s not a problem :))

What’s confusing? I can do my best to explain it


Can I join camp courtesy?

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yeah! anyone can join whenever. feel free to fill out the form in the OP or send me a membership request through a cabin tag group